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Welcome To Suvidha Trust

Social Need of our Services

Child Protection

At Suvidha Trust, our childcare policy starts with the child protection program. Many children are working on the streets or living on the roads as their parents died in an accident or they are unable to provide for their kids. The team members will take their children to a proper facility where they will get a healthy lifestyle, education and basic amenities of life.

Social Need

We are aware of the facts that the economic state is declining due to which the rates of common things are increasing. For a person with a lower income, it has become hard to make the both ends meet. In such conditions, they are unable to provide for the care of the children or the old parents that are living with them.

Charity actions

Every year many events are organized that help us to raise charity for the trust. It helps us to provide the children with the facilities that they deserve. We have online charity services and also raise money for special causes and to help the unprivileged and 3rd world countries where the children need our help. Our mission is to make this world a better place for the children.

Meeting the social requirements

The children will get the facilities of primary education and care that is essential for the mental development. If you are not ready to leave, your loved ones let us know and we will provide you the financial aid that you need to make their lives better.
Due to the increased ratio of unemployment, decreased income and social issues the services of Suvidha Trust are playing an important role in the lives of the people. Health and education are the necessity of the children and Suvidha Trust will ensure that your children will get what they deserve in all situations.

We are aware that despite the successive attempts the government has been unable to provide the help and coverage to every family that needs help. Our experts conduct a complete research and ensure that every deserving family is identified and helped


We Try A Lot To Make All The World Happy

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