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A Few Words About Us

What we do

The Suvidha Trust is the leading charity in the field of childcare, education, old people and social service. We are registered under Registrar , Our Registrarion Number is @ Madurai : 201700099 or 99/2017. We have years of experience in making things good for the children and the senior citizens. We have the team of experts that has been planning, searching and working to ensure children will have a bright future.

Early life is the most vital part of the age in which the kids have to undergo mental and physical growth. At the Suvidha Trust, we have been working to provide the early education and early childcare to the children that will help them to grow and have a happy and healthy life.

Child Protection

We understand that the children are the building blocks of our nation. Our major focus is on the development of the children. We will provide a decent amount of financial help to the families that will help them to raise their child.

Social Care

Our experts will conduct a survey every year to look of for the old people and the children to see if they are getting the care they deserve.

Charity actions

We have a dynamic and flexible organization that has a lot of room for growth. Our specialists have been introducing the innovative policies to ensure that we can help more children, families and old people. We have been providing the support to the parents that will help them raise their children.


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